unnamed-1Born in Taiwan; raised in L.A.; matured in the mid-west; that is Katie’s life in a few words. All these places have one thing in common – known for their own characteristic of food scene. Street food heaven, dynamic diversity and {for the carnivore that lives in most people!} the barbecue.

You are what you eat, especially the influence it has to the mind and soul from the cultures, the ethnicities and the stories behind the food. Growing up spending about a decade each in three very different cultures has impacted greatly on Katie’s gastronomic journey.

LOS ANGELES, a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, a place where you can find the best immigrant food.

TAIWAN, rated No. 1 food destination by CNN, eat often and eat well is the culinary philosophy there {small eats, but lots of them, are the big thing in Taiwan}.

KANSAS CITY, it’s easy to go hog-wild here, a rapidly changing city in the heart of the heartland, where you will find some of the world’s best barbecue joints; at the same time the citizens are indulging more than just meat and potato. Dubbed as one of the best cities for foodies in America, it is building a solid culinary reputation bridging the gap between NY and LA. This is the time when hip food {innovative eateries} is becoming the new big thing.

Combining Katie’s multicultural background and experience, this is the best time and best place to bring a line of cross-cultural culinary mash-ups to the Crossroads neighborhood, home to Kansas City’s hip and happening food scene. While Kansas City is busy building its future, it has not lost sight of its roots: many restaurants are committed to using local produce and meat. Katie is a firm believer of Farm to Table and partnering with local companies will be her priority business goal to bring the best to the local food scene.